Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our summer so far...

Brody is done with his first year of preschool. Here he is at his class picnic with his wonderful teacher, Ms. Ginger! I'm so happy he'll have her again next year!

We've started our summer with a bang -- literally. Brody's had 2 major falls so far (within about 6 days of each other. This one happened when he fell off a little tractor he was riding in the rocks. He had a fat lip for a few days.

This one scared me -- he fell out of the back of Adam's pick-up truck and landed right on that spot on his head in the gravel. It's one of the worst feelings to have your child come in the house screaming with blood running down their face. He's all better now!

I went home for a week in May for my little brother Tony's graduation from GMU. I talked Tim and Tony into taking me to Georgetown cupcakes. It was so fun! These are our beautiful cupcakes. (don't worry -- we shared the cupcakes with Dad, Mom, and Janine when I got home)

Tony, me, and Tim outside the shop. I'm so glad I went.

We went to a fun farm while I was in Virginia and the kids had fun catching a few fish. It was mostly fun because it only took 2 seconds to catch a fish -- no waiting!

We picked strawberries there.

I'm so proud of Tony! I'm so glad I was able to be there to celebrate his graduation and see him one more time before he left for Egypt for a year.

My parent's have chickens and my kids loved them (especially Brody). We also loved spending time with cousins!


linnylou said...

wow! it looks like you've been busy this summer! and it looks like you guys are doing well! (except for poor brody's accidents!) miss you guys!

melody said...

Brooke with that little pink fishing pole is priceless. Wish I was there to sample a cupcake - they look delicious!

Manda McDaniel said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE Brody's cowboy hat at the picnic! What a little stud muffin you have! I wish we were closer and could see you more! Miss you!

melisia said...

I've totally watched DC Cupcakes! Fun! They look yummy!